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Veterans for Vets was not only designed to get more players out, it was designed for you or your local club to raise money for a local organization or agency that helps United States veterans. Your efforts to promote the sport and to get more players involved will also raise funds for organizations serving veterans.

So how does it work? If a club or group is interested in running an event, they would simply register their event here. Once they have registered their event, they will begin to promote and get players registered to play. TDs can use for registration using a simple template already developed for these specific events! The cost for a player to compete is $25. The player will get to compete in an 18-hole round of disc golf and will also receive two commemorative discs. The $25 tournament entry fee is low enough for newer disc golfers to participate but high enough to raise some funds for a local veteran-serving agency or organization! 

Find A Local Veteran-Serving Organization or Agency Near You

Choose a Veteran-Serving Organization or Agency that your event will benefit. Click here for tips on finding that agency.

Register Your Event

If you are interested in running a Veterans for Vets event, please click Register Event and fill out the registration form. We will add your event to the Event Locations Page and additional information will be emailed to you regarding your event. Your event must be between December 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020.

The order minimum is 25 player packs for each event that you run. Each event comes with trophies for the winner(s). We would appreciate it if you could take a group photo at your Veterans for Vets player meeting along with some action shots. We want to share Veterans for Vets events with the rest of the United States! Please email photos to

Pre-Registration – Disc Golf Scene

If you want to offer pre-registration, you will be responsible for that. We will not be offering this service for any of the Veteran for Vets events. However, we have partnered with Disc Golf Scene to offer the best online registration service for Veterans for Vets events. Click here to start creating your pre-registration page.

How To Order Player Packs

Once a TD registers their event, they will be emailed a link to order the player pack discs. The TD will get to choose the discs they give their players. The discs are grouped into two classifications; putters and non-putters. If the TD orders 50 players packs they will choose 50 putters (4 choices) and 50 non-putters (4 choices). Weights will vary, but specific weights cannot be requested. Players will get a disc from each category.

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge
Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge
Dynamic Discs Classic Guard
Latitude 64 Retro Keystone

Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape
Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal
Latitude 64 Gold Burst Pioneer
Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

Example Orders:

TD orders 40 player packs. They select:
10 Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge
10 Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge
10 Dynamic Discs Classic Guard
10 Latitude 64 Retro Keystone
10 Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape
10 Dynamic Discs Lucid Vandal
10 Latitude 64 Gold Burst Pioneer
10 Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

Another TD ordering 40 player packs could select:
40 Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge
20 Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape
20 Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

The mix of molds will be up to the TD.

If the TD is nervous about not having enough player packs, they can over order knowing that Dynamic Discs will buy back the unused player packs (in increments of 10 and as long as minimum numbers are met). You will be responsible for return shipping on any returned player packs.

The player packs will cost the TD $18 each. This leaves $7 per player registration to go to a local veteran-serving charity. If there are course rental or use fees, these may be taken out of the excess funds as well. Dynamic Discs will cover all shipping to the lower 48 and will throw in trophy discs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all six divisions!

The fun part is actually hosting and running the event. Scorecards will be provided that the TD can use to track scores and determine winners. TDs can be creative in the format of their event. Singles, doubles, or even triples formats could be used. The event could have rolling flex start tee times as well. The event could be capped at 90 and have a shotgun start at a specified time. How the tournament is run is not nearly as important as why the event is run. If you do decide to run the event as a doubles or triples event or make additional divisions available, please contact for your additional trophy needs.

Incentive for Events with 50+ Players

Now for the real exciting news! If an event has 50 or more players, Dynamic Discs will ship a brand new red, white, and blue portable Veteran basket ($449 retail value) to the TD to use in any way they see fit. They can donate the basket to a local course, they can raffle the basket to raise additional funds for the local veteran-serving charity, etc. That decision is left up to the TD. Please read through the following requirements and exceptions:

  • This offer currently only applies to events in the U.S.
  • Baskets must ship to a contiguous U.S. address for the shipping to be free.
  • Events in Alaska and Hawaii must cover shipping on the basket.
  • Each event is only eligible to receive 1 Veteran Basket once they reach 50 or more player packs.
  • If you are sent a Veteran Basket for your grand prize, you must keep a minimum of 50 player pack discs if you choose to utilize the Buyback Option after your event. For example, if you purchase 70 player packs and receive a Veteran Basket, the most player packs you could return after your event is 20.
  • All 50 or more player packs must be purchased at one time for the Veteran Basket to be included at no charge.
  • Requirements and exceptions are subject to change.

Dynamic Discs has a goal of giving away 50 Red, White, and Blue Veteran baskets this winter to help celebrate the first season of Veterans for Vets events. While these baskets will certainly raise some funds, their donation will pale in comparison to the many, many thousands of dollars that disc golfers will be donating to local agencies and organizations driven to help the men and women who served our country.

Grow Disc Golf

Growing disc golf comes in many different shapes and sizes. Growing the sport by running or participating in a Veterans for Vets event this winter not only promotes the sport, but it benefits a group of people to whom we should all be indebted.

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