Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the player entry fee for a Veterans for Vets?

The entry fee is $30 for all participants.

If I run a Veterans for Vets event, what is my cost as the tournament director?

Your cost will be $22 for each player pack. Dynamic Discs will cover the shipping.

If I’m hosting a Veterans for Vets, when should I order my player packs?

We prefer that you order your player packs no later than 2 weeks prior to your event date.

What is the format for a Veterans for Vets event?

A Veterans for Vets event can be very flexible. It should be one round. It can be a singles event, a doubles event, and could even feature a flex start where players can show up when it is convenient for them. It is at the discretion of the tournament director. The only division we strongly recommend is to offer a Veterans Only Division.

I want to run a Veterans for Vet event but have never organized an event before? Is that possible?

Absolutely! This is what grows our sport and we are more than willing to help you organize your first event. You may be surprised how easy hosting an event like this can actually be.

When can I host a Veterans for Vets event?

Your event must be between November 14, 2023 and March 31, 2024.

I live outside of the United States and want to run a Veterans for Vets event. Is this possible?

For this season of Veterans for Vets events, we are limiting participation to the United States.

How can I get more players at my Veterans for Vets event?

Here are some ideas to get more players at your Veterans for Vets event:

  • Download a Veterans for Vets flyer to post at your local course from our Downloads page
  • Inform your local media including radio stations, newspapers, and local TV stations (learn more)
  • Contact your Parks and Recreation Department
  • Visit your Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Notify your local schools to get more kids involved
  • Reach out to local churches and youth groups
  • Encourage local players to bring a friend with them

What discs can I use in a Veterans for Vets event?

Players can use any discs approved by the PDGA. Players do not have to use the Veterans for Vets player pack discs.

How do I find a Veterans for Vets event near me?

Visit our Event Locations page to view a list of all Veterans for Vets events and to find one in your area! You can search for your town at the top right or sort the list by one of the columns such as state or location. If you can’t find a Veterans for Vets event in your area, why not host one yourself?

I’ve never played disc golf. Is the Veterans for Vets event for me?

Yes, anyone can play. One of the most important aspects of a Veteran for Vets event is to get new players out to play disc golf and to have fun! Don’t be discouraged or nervous to attend a Veterans for Vets event if you have never played disc golf. This is a perfect opportunity to get started.

What is in the player pack?

Players will receive two discs (from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and/or Westside Discs) with custom Veterans for Vets stamps. One baseline putter and one premium midrange/driver.

What molds are included in the players package?

We will evenly distribute the discs so you receive the widest selection possible. This year, we are excited to announce a beginner-friendly player pack option! If the TD would like to receive these beginner-friendly discs(*), we ask you to select the option when ordering your regular packs as well.

Dynamic Discs Lucid-Ice Orbit Thief
Latitude 64 Gold-X Burst Sapphire (170g+)
Westside Discs VIP Confetti Longbowman
Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Patrol
Latitude 64 Opto Chameleon Core
Westside Discs VIP-Ice Orbit Bard
Dynamic Discs Classic Orbit Warden
Dynamic Discs Classic Supreme Raptor Eye Sockibomb Slammer
Latitude 64 Zero Medium Dagger
*Dynamic Discs Lucid Air Breakout
*Latitude 64 Opto Air Fuse
*Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Gavel

Although these are what we are attempting to keep as options for players packages, they can change without notice depending on inventory levels.  There also may be a few random molds we include as well from remaining previous Veterans for Vets inventory.

*** Do not promote specific molds as part of your marketing as they are not guaranteed.

Are we able to request molds when ordering?

You are welcome to request molds, however, to maintain a consistent inventory for all events, we will evenly distribute player’s packages.  Our goal is to make sure each event gets a wide variety of options.

Can I purchase more than one player pack at a Veterans for Vets event?

Check with your tournament director after the event is over.

Can I order more player packs after my initial order if I have more player sign up?

You can place a re-order by contacting [email protected], but the minimum re-order is 10 player packs. We recommend ordering extra player packs for registrations on the day of your event. If you have 10 or more player packs left after your event, you can then take advantage of our Buyback Option. Please remember, you are responsible for the return shipping.

How do I find a local organization or agency that serves veterans in my community?

Local American Legions and VFW posts are a great start! Speak with local veterans, or google “Veteran Services in <your city, county, state>”. Please choose an agency that is local. One of the mottos for Veterans for Vets is “Play Local – Support Local”. Click here to learn more.

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