How To Get Local Media Coverage

How To Get Local Media Coverage

A strategy for spreading the word about your Veterans for Vets event is by contacting your local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Most of these outlets are looking for local events to talk about and disc golf is a hot topic.

Local Newspapers

A good starting point is to find the local newspaper for your state and city. You can use the USNPL that lists newspaper by state and city. Be sure to include papers that include your city, county, and adjacent cities or counties.

Local Radio Stations

Chances are that there is a local radio station that would be willing to mention your Veterans for Vets event during a show that features local events. Check out Radio Locator to help identify radio stations by zip code, what the format of the radio station is, and contact information.

Television Stations

You are probably familiar with your local TV stations. Go to their website and look for links to submit stories or a Contact Us page.

When contacting media outlets you can use the press release document we prepared for you. Just be sure to change out the information that pertains to your area.

Veterans for Vets Press Release DOCX


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