NEW This Winter - Veterans for Vets

2019/2020 marked our inaugural Veterans for Vets program, and we consider it a great success. We have taken all of the players' and organizers' input into consideration and are working on making the 2021/2022 season even greater. This season, we have simplified the players package ordering process. Each players package will consist of one baseline putter and a premium midrange/driver.

We have also added a limited edition Westside Discs VIP Stag that can be purchased in addition to the player's pack as a resource to raise extra funds to cover expenses and/or go to the veteran organization.

Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is a new event designed to meet three goals. First, it gives disc golfers a chance to play in an organized event during the winter months. Second, it provides an awesome environment for a disc golfer without any tournament experience to play in an organized event. Finally, it provides an opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community to organizations tasked with serving veterans!

Winter Disc Golf

A Veterans for Vets event can be run anytime between November 11, 2021 and March 1, 2022. Registration usually opens around mid October. The winter months of November, December, January, and February have fewer tournaments scheduled than in any other time of the year. As disc golfers are itching to get out and play, a Veterans for Vets event might just be the thing they are looking for. The downside of playing in the winter is that if the weather is cold, icy, snowy, or windy many players choose to remain indoors. When playing for a great cause though, players are more likely to buck up and battle the elements. Veterans have had to experience conditions much worse than some tricky winter weather. The least the disc golf community can do in return is to play disc golf in some winter conditions!

It's The Cause, Not The Trophy

Do you have a few buddies who have been playing recreationally and are ready to dip their toe into organized competitive disc golf? A Veterans for Vets event is a great start. The event is broken up into 6 divisions; Advanced/Pro Male, Advanced/Pro Female, Novice Male, Novice Female, Veteran Male, and Veteran Female. A player does not have to worry about the difference between Intermediate and Advanced, age-protected guidelines, or professional standards. The Novice divisions are perfect for these folks. They can just play. While trophies are awarded for the top three in each division, this is not the primary focus of the event. The focus is on playing for a cause. Having two divisions for veterans (or active duty) allows for the disc golf community to further recognize those who have served. The organizer for each Veterans for Vets event is tasked with choosing a local agency or organization that helps veterans in the community where the event is played. Local American Legions or a VFW Post make for great recipients of the funds raised by disc golfers playing in a Veterans for Vets event. It is important that these events are played locally and support veterans locally.